About Us

Ring Legend Posters has been developed to give the common wrestling fan the opportunity to own beautiful, unique wrestling posters that have been hand-signed & numbered by the biggest Legends of professional wrestling, at a price that anyone can afford.

No longer will such items be priced so high that you, the everyday fan, can’t afford them. We make it easy and affordable to own a unique piece of wrestling memorabilia at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere!

We work with the biggest Legends of professional wrestling and we will be constantly adding new Legends to our autographed poster lineup.

From WWE Hall of Famers to former champions and legendary heroes of the squared circle, you’ll find hand-signed, custom designed posters of your favorites right here at Ring Legend Posters.

Each of our posters is a full 11″ x 17″ and printed on 80 lb. gloss poster paper with printing all the way to the outer edge. No annoying white border around the outside of our posters! The colors are stunning and our posters are suitable for framing and hanging in your bedroom, office or rec room. Our hand-signed Legend posters make a perfect affordable gift for any wrestling fan!

We’ll also be adding unique posters for Independent Wrestlers in the very near future that will be available for purchase and re-sale at your events!  An affordable and fresh way to promote yourself at your shows and make your merch sales skyrocket!  Details on our Indy Wrestler poster program coming very soon!





Due to the personalized nature of our posters, it may take 4-6 weeks for delivery of some posters.  In most cases we send out your poster(s) within a few days, however, when our Legends’ schedules dictate that they are on the road, it can take longer for items to be signed and mailed.  We make every effort to mail your purchase(s) to you as quickly as possible.